Luca Piola

the photographs

the exhibition


I investigate the invisible but strong relationship between the human being and specific spaces which I call “Threshold-Spaces”.
These spaces take you to a different place, both physically and mentally, making you drift towards different inner realities.

When you cross the threshold of the stage you are like a child in the story who opens the door of the attic and he is transported to a enchanted world.

In the deep darkness behind the scenes, you only see small lights which frantically move here and there; they are the people dressed in black who make the show behind the scenes. And the actors wear strange costumes, unreal, as if they came out of another world.

This suspended world, made of human shadows, whispers, and suffused lighting, makes you feel that you are in a different and distant reality, perhaps lost in your own world. 
And, once you leave and are back in the light of the sun, you will feel bewildered, as if you were returning from a journey out of time.



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